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Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm doing it...

I am working out!  There.  I said it and typed it.  Now I am STUCK!  LOL!  And I love it! 

I looked over my previous post and list:
  • my feet hurt Heading to the podiatrist today.  I can do the bike and elliptical
  • when my feet feel better i can work out  Again - Dr. appt in a few.
  • if my feet dont hurt today they will tomorrow and I don't feel like hurting What a whiner!
  • once my shakes get here They're here and they taste great!
  • i have too much work to do Work is still getting done!
  • after vacation My vacation isn't until July now that B has remediation.
  • after school lets out School's out!
  • its too hot It's SUMMER
  • its too cold Must have been high.
  • too much to do around the house There will ALWAYS be stuff to do around the house.
So, now that I am out of excuses I am getting my butt in gear.  I have also started a gratitude journal.  It really changes things to complain about when you write down what you are grateful for!  Hoping to get some relief from the doc today!  

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Leave it to Tony Horton to call me on my BS...

Closet Garbage Eater

by Tony Horton

You know who you are. You’ve got all the answers and your lousy at taking sound advice because it’s easier to be lazy. The tilt-a-whirl of disappointment goes round and round and you pretend everything is okay. You’re not fooling anyone and everyone else knows what you’re up to. It’s easy to lack self discipline because you’re not alone. Misery loves company.

I’m sick and tired of hearing why you can’t stop eating crap. Stop blaming your thyroid, boyfriend, childhood and ancestry because it’s not working. The problem is your inability to face reality. The real issues are your lack of accountability, willpower, determination and the lousy company you keep. It’s also your lame plan or lack there of. Your reasons why suck and you don’t tell the truth about what you stuff in your face when no one is looking.

Your horrendous eating habits is the American terrorist within. If the level of disease caused by unhealthy choices continues at this alarming rate then we will destroy ourselves without any help from the bad guys. Fad diets, pills and miracle potions used to lose weight never work in the long term and they never will. Dozens of studies show that calorie control diets that still allow you to eat forms of unhealthy food always fail. I’ve never met anyone who started a “weight lose only” diet and stayed on it. So you lost 50 pounds and kept it off for 5 years. Why did you gain it all back in 6 months during year six? Are you proud of that?

When diet deprivation becomes too much the closet eating begins. Your reasons for falling off the wagon are plenty and you’ll defend them till you’re blue in the face. Good for you for choosing the option that required you to be lazy again. Choosing gluttony is no way to build your manifesto my friend. What is your reason for being on this earth? Why do you really put that garbage in your mouth? Do you want to know why? Do you want to look at it closely? Do you care enough?

The simple answer is choice. I hope you weren’t expecting something more complicated. How do you choose what to be? How will you work to be better than before? Who will you surround yourself with? How long will your better choices last? Will you continue to be the closet garbage eater or will you finally get your act together, stop making it about you all the time and begin to be an example to the people in your life who need your help?

77 pounds to go.

Okay.  I am saying all the right things, feeling this right way, but just am having trouble getting motivated. 

I have a WHOLE LIST of reasons why I can't lose weight right now:
  • my feet hurt
  • when my feet feel better i can work out
  • if my feet dont hurt today they will tomorrow and I don't feel like hurting
  • once my shakes get here
  • i have too much work to do
  • after vacation
  • after school lets out
  • its too hot
  • its too cold
  • too much to do around the house
The real issue is that I am NOT a priority in my life.  I KNOW that is what it is.  Do you make yourself a priority?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wagon? I think I ATE the wagon...

I am so ashamed.  I think that is the perfect word.  I am totally ashamed that I fell off the wagon - in fact, I think I might have ATE the wagon.  I am trying to recommit, but it's hard for me right now.  ech.