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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This graphic can’t be any more true.  The voice in my head is a damn liar.  There.  I said it.  I fight with this voice on a regular basis.  It’s the voice that tells me to go ahead and just as well eat dessert because I blew it earlier today since I obviously have no willpower.  Have I mentioned that my inner voice is such a witch!  Ugh!  I can’t stand her!
I decided to give my inner voice something to do today and signed up for a half marathon!
OMG!  I still get really nervous just thinking about it!  Thanks to a very good friend, Janel, who is the driving force behind me thinking I can do this.  My first goal is to run the Crescent City Classic this year.
That is a 10k.  I will be running that on April 7th.  Then next January I will be running the half marathon if I dont run another one first!

I am making a decision to change my inner voice.  She needs an attitude adjustment.

Much Love,

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