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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Codeword: Blueberry!

Today I grabbed Lucy and we headed out on yet another one of our adventures!  We took a ride over the lake to Blue Harvest Farms - home to the sweetest blueberries I know!   We got up WAY too early on a Saturday and headed out with the kids in tow to try to beat the heat!  Once there we were greeted with buckets and directions to the beautiful blue beauties!

It didn't take too long to get our buckets full.  We each took home a gallon of berries - it doesn't look like much until you get it out of the bucket and then take a good look!

Since we were on that side of the lake we decided to take advantage and hit up the Covintgon Farmer's Market by the courthouse.  What a pleasant surprise!

There were beautiful tomatoes in a rainbow of colors!

White and purple eggplant! 

Beautiful, sweet peaches I can't wait to eat for lunch!

At Hot Tamale Mama's I picked up this AWESOME Garlic dip - SKORDALIA!  It is to DIE for!  We actually took home one for me, one for Lucy, and two for vacation later this month!  I am planning all the things I am putting it on!
It is Vegan, sugar free, everything I could want and more - a great Mayo substitute!

Oh Spud!  I'm a Fig!  This was pretty cool!
MG said it was named after me and is medium
sized and tan to brown in color! LOL!

I spied this gorgeous Hibiscus flower from a distance! Aloha!

In a  wonderful 4th of July Tradition the market had free hot
dogs, watermelon and Zap's chips for the taking!

The watermelon was so fresh and tasty!

It was a great morning on the Northshore!  It's always fun when you tag along with Lucy and Ethel on one of our adventures!  You never know where the next one will take us!  

Much Love, 

Celeste is not only competing to be the NOLA Biggest Loser 2.0, but she is also working full time as the Metry Chick, an artist who created NOLA style gifts with a little Metry Attitude thrown in for good measure.  She also writes as one of theReal Housewives of NOLA as the Wednesday blogger.  Check her out on Facebook and Twitter

Photos courtesy of ME!  This post was not sponsored by any of the companies and organizations mentioned.   

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Covington Farmers Market! The kids love going out there on Saturday mornings and I sometimes hit it up on Wednesday mornings before work. So many things to love about living up here, and that's for sure one of them.