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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Expectations vs Reality Part II - Ok God, I'm listening!

Last night Sarge and I ran the Summer Free For All Series put on by the New Orleans Track Club.  It is a free 2 mile race in City Park that makes you feel good and is nice to compete a little.  I saw a new friend there, Jennifer.  I met her doing the Father's Day Race in Audubon Park.  She is doing the Biggest Loser over at Elmwood and is so sweet!  I digress.  I did the race with Sarge and I had a plan.  I would start off in the back and walk a little, run a little, so forth and so on.  However, Sarge did not seem to go with that plan.  He got me running at the starting line.  I ran almost the whole first mile. I ran about 7/8 of the mile and then stopped for about 60 seconds before I started running again.  In the second mile I ran most of that too, only stopping for about 30 seconds a couple of times. My legs were aching and my back hurt a little but it was my brain.  I just kept running to stop, if you know what I mean.  It was like when I quit smoking back in '06.  I would quit until Mardi Gras and then I could smoke, or when I was stressed.  I was quitting to smoke if you get it.  I finally quit for good in '08.

Last night I expected to stop running and walk some of the race.  My reality was that I ran almost the whole race and if I had just gotten out of my own way I would have ran the whole thing.  Like Yogi Berra Says, 90% of the game is half mental.    Actually, he said Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.  

Like I said, Okay God,  I am listening.  He keeps trying to tell me to dump the expectations and just do my thang.  

This week I expect me to give it my all and do my best.  That's all, really!  I can honestly say that I am working hard and giving it my all.  

Much Love, 

Celeste is not only competing to be the NOLA Biggest Loser 2.0, but she is also working full time as the Metry Chick, an artist who created NOLA style gifts with a little Metry Attitude thrown in for good measure.  She also writes as one of theReal Housewives of NOLA as the Wednesday blogger.  Check her out on Facebook and Twitter

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