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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A favorite thing...

I have a coffee fetish!  I love all kinds of coffee.  My favorite of all time is Cuban Coffee and is the reason why us Cubans are such hairy people - because that stuff will make you sprout some hair!  It is strong stuff!  The problem with a lot of coffee that people love is that they will go and get a Large Caramel Granita (481 calories) or a Small White Chocolate Cappuccino (251 calories) and think that they got it with skim milk so it's all good!  Skim will probably save you about 100 calories, but boy, buddy, that is a MEAL in a drink!

I am a HUGE fan of PJs.  One, because they are local and I am SOOO pro local, but secondly, because the baristas in there get to know you, they're super friendly, their affordable, not StarSucks AND they have great coffee.  That was actually reasons 2-5,  but I don't care.  

If you want the flavor in your coffee but don't want to add the additional calories of a flavored syrup, or don't like the sugar free versions, look into their flavored roasted coffee.  The Southern Wedding Cake is just delicious!  Sweet and tasty without the caloric hit that flavored syrups hit you with.  Their King Cake coffee is my favorite, but this one is growing on me too!  So, stop in at your neighborhood PJs and pick up a cup of their flavored coffees!  The flavor is added to the bean and not to your butt!

Much Love,

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PS - this post was NOT sponsored by PJs at all.  I just feel like if I go there so much I should just tithe there, well, maybe so should you.  They're a good thing.  


  1. So true! Those flavored drinks are more like an ice cream treat than a cup of coffee. I LOVE the king cake coffee no matter how many jitters it gives me lol - buyer beware: That stuff is NO JOKE!

  2. The flavor is added to the bean and not your butt?????!!!!!!!!! I LOVE that!!!! Miss you!