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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Cry for Help and a Hand Up.

Last night I reached out to an old friend for a hand up.  I have been really struggling with where to start again. When I lost the contest, the NOLA Biggest Loser 2.0 contest over the Summer I had a sort of breakdown.  I felt like I had failed - AGAIN.  Wow.  Big surprise that I was so SURE I was going to do well and I failed AGAIN.  It really hurt.  It was a tough thing to overcome.  Of course I had all of my excuses handy - I was busy with the kids in school, then busy with working.  The week of Thanksgiving break I just stopped and then started EATING.  It was an ugly ugly thing.  I can see it and feel it every single day.

You know what.  I'm DONE.  I am done being mean to me.

I asked for help and the first step is to do SOMETHING and logging my food is a good place to start - and being honest with that log.  So, I INVITE you to keep me in check!  Make me your friend on MyFitnessPal!  Download the free app.  My username is MetryChick.  

I might have slept in this morning - AGAIN, but I did something about it.  I had to run a few errands in the neighborhood so I WALKED to get them done.  It only took me 30 min and I burned 368 calories!  It would have taken me the same time to drive but I saved gas and burned my breakfast off.  

Join me.  

And btw, thanks, 'Nel.


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