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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Can too little be too much?

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Calorie Counting seems to be my weakness.  Either I don't count at ALL and I can see clearly where that gets me (Not being able to see my belly button) or I count every morsel and wind up eating close to nothing.  I know where this road will lead.  I will wind up being exhausted because I run out of fuel.  See, I told you I've done this before.  I am trying to do research but so far everything is SOO contradictory.  I've read that I should be eating 1200 calories, then that 1200 is too low, to add 100 calories for every pound I weigh and expend 500 more than that. On the Biggest Loser they have to burn like 6000 calories a day. I want to lose weight BL style.  I'm a busy woman and don't have a lot of time.  Yeah, who wouldn't?  I know that 1200 is too little if I am going to work out at all.  If I am sitting on my ass all day then 1200 is probably perfect.  I do know that I am waiting too long to eat and should be doing that instead of sitting here, at the computer.  I am also NOT a snacker.  I have to remember to eat or I starve and eat EVERYTHING.  I set alarms to eat.  Yes, that's me - FREAK.  Yesterday I only ate 760.  That's NOT going to work.   Well, today's another day.  Let's see what damage I can do. 


  1. You can't eat too little because your metabolism will slow to the point where you are not burning fat. The rule of thumb is that if you eat 500 less than you burn each day, you can lose a pound a week. (A lb of fat is 3500 calories). The best way to monitor this is to get a calorie counter watch that monitors what you burn and you can enter online what you eat and you can get an accurate count of what you burn vs what you eat.

  2. That's a problem I can run into. I am making sure I am eating like I should right now.