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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Personal Trainer Follow Up

Today I had my first training session C. Christian Beavers over at Ultimate Fitness on Prytania, near Upperline.  At first when I walked in and I was a little doubtful, was this really going to work.  It was all weight machines.  Is this for me?  Yeah, he kicked my ass, in a good way!  He had me on a machine in the first 5 minutes and my heartbeat was going and I was sweating - no treadmills or steppers, just working on weights and building me up!  It was great!  My 30 minutes flew by and I was pushed further than I thought I was going to go.  I would have quit when I started trembling, but he kept me going.  That's the importance of a trainer!  Working on getting some goodies for you guys too!

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