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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just a TASTE!

Yesterday I was at a FundRaiser for CDP, a preschool in New Orleans.  It was a great opportunity to bring awareness to this cause and met some wonderful people.   Before I even went to the event I knew that Jacques Imo's Cafe, one of my favorite places of ALL TIME would have food there. During French Quarter Fest I can't wait to get their duck poboy.  I know I can get it any time I want from Crabby Jack's, but what can I say, I am a sucker for tradition.  Back to the point - I LOVE their Alligator Sausage Cheesecake.  That was what was on the menu yesterday.  Sarge made me promise to bring him some home, no matter WHAT it was.  I bought a little place and here's the important part.  I had a TASTE.  Just a little bit of it and it tasted soo wonderful.  Then I wrapped it in the foil I carried in my ice chest and toted it home for Sarge.  He loved it.  I was VERY proud of myself.  Two weeks ago I would have eaten the whole thing, so fast I would not have even tasted it.  That little taste satisfied my cravings.

For dinner last night we went to Short Stop Po Boys and picked up a couple of poboys for dinner.  My first instinct was to get a regular sized one, and a coke, and chips, and something fried.  But I got a small roast beef.  Not the healthiest, but I REALLY wanted it and it was REALLY good.  I ate well all week.  I didn't DESERVE it, but I really wanted it and I got a small one, not a regular or large, and not fried shrimp.  

Now, off to the Parade to make some groceries!!!

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